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Expanding the Frontier of Human Achievement

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Building a Culture to Win

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Catapulting Your Success

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The Performance Triad


Free Will



Our company’s name traces its origin to the Navy’s steam powered catapult shot that launches aircraft from aircraft carriers. One of the fastest acceleration forces of man and machine in the world, the CATSHOT is symbolic of our company’s goal of assisting teams and individuals in rapidly achieving the winning combination of passion, free will and focus in their quest to build winning cultures.


CATSHOT Group tailors consulting and education services and products to help you expand your frontier of human achievement.  We can help propel your team or personal performance to elite levels of success, by using the Performance Triad™

Products & Services

Discover how you can Build a Culture of Performance. Whether you are looking to manage performance, create an innovative strategy or develop leadership within your group, we have the solution you need to take a powerful journey toward excellence.

About Rob Ffield

Rob Ffield is dedicated to building winning strategies, tactics, and cultures, Rob Ffield is a dynamic, zealous leader that encourages businesses and individuals to perform at their maximum potential.

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