About Rob Ffield

robffield-headshot-smRob Ffield’s passion for participating in high-performance activities and building elite teams began at an early age when he excelled in sports, including alpine ski racing and soccer. Leading as team captain in both disciplines, he accumulated numerous personal and team wins at state and regional competitions through to his college years.

His focus on innovation and the pursuit of perfection led to his unprecedented string of naval career milestones which included two tours as an air-combat instructor at the Navy’s prestigious Navy Fighter Weapons School, TOPGUN; selection to lead the Navy Flight Demonstrations Squadron, The Blue Angels; and combat tours while in command of a strike fighter squadron and carrier air wing. His Navy career was notable for his rapid rise through the ranks and his innovative spirit, which were catalysts for numerous team and individual awards earned.

Rob “Ice” Ffield capped his career by being hand-selected to lead the personal staffs for three and four-star generals in command at the highest levels of the military. He served as the Executive Officer for the Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate of the Joint Staff in the Pentagon and at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) in Colorado Springs as they crafted plans and policies critical to homeland defense.

Throughout his career, his relentless search for building winning strategies, tactics, and cultures led to numerous advances in air combat including his development and refinement of TOPGUN’s fighter tactics, which were critical to the Navy’s Gulf War success. His research and lecturing on training excellence provided the initial inspiration for a core group of visionary fighter pilots and instructors who fundamentally reinvented TOPGUN’s curriculum into the highly heralded program used today.

In his civilian career, Rob Ffield is a dynamic, zealous leader known for building successful strategies and encouraging businesses and individuals to perform at their maximum potential.  He is an innovator and a well-respected consultant to some of the world’s most elite organizations; nevertheless, he is also passionate about individual success and has continually provided transformative solutions to assist others in their quest for Expanding the Frontier of Human Achievement.