13 Transformational Stepping-Stones To Boost Your Life Journey


13 Transformational Stepping-Stones To Boost Your Life Journey

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you felt like you were in dire need of a change? Or maybe you felt like there were areas of your life in which you could improve? In all honesty, you don’t have to have a specific reason to improve upon your already remarkable self, except of course, to be even more extraordinary.

Over the course of my professional career in the Navy, as a Blue Angels Boss and as a TOPGUN instructor, I constantly pushed myself to be better each time. From these experiences CATSHOT 13 was born. Whether your area of enhancement is personal,  professional or both, you can enrich your life by embracing even just one of these 13 transformational stepping-stones. To make it simple for you, I’ve compiled them here in a simple, easy-to-use list. Just take a few moments and read these articles to get started:

  1. Develop a Transformational Mindset. After all, it’s all starts in the mind.
  2. Performance Triad. Utilize your passion, free will and focus to help you perform at the highest level in all you do.
  3. Have passion! Otherwise, what are you doing it for in the first place?
  4. Free Will. You have the freedom to achieve whatever you want to achieve, so what’s really stopping you?
  5. Adjust the lens and focus. If you don’t have your eye on the prize, you may never acquire it.
  6. Begin an effects-based life planning process. We live in a cause and effect world, so shouldn’t you be living your life as such?
  7. Discover your Noble Calling. Your true purpose in life could be one of your single most important accomplishments for yourself.
  8. Define your interim goals. Temporary goals can make a lasting difference.
  9. Define Your C-13 Goals. It’s important to always have end goals, because ultimately this is where you end up.
  10. Macro- Goals. Every week you should have a separate set of goals for yourself.
  11. Micro-Goals. Make the most of each day by making a difference every day.
  12. Personal Standards of Procedure. Consistency within yourself is key to experience the smoothest journey possible.
  13. <a href="https://catshotgroup see this here.com/catshot-13-training-series/to-infinity-and-beyond-a-lifetime-of-achievement/”>Never Stop. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Set your destination to simply, greatness.

Life is a journey where we are constantly learning and revising as we go. Nothing is guaranteed, but you are in control of the direction you choose and whether or not that direction propels you upward. And it starts with these 13 principles of CATSHOT 13. So do yourself a favor – spend a few minutes reading these principles, understanding their power and putting yourself squarely on the journey to transforming your life!