September 2015

How will you find your Noble Calling?

What is your purpose in life? What will be the ULTIMATE significance of your life in this world? These questions are not to be taken lightly, and deserve focus and attention. Fortunately, there is a way to find your purpose and get on the right path to make an impact. You find your Noble Calling. When faced with the colossal idea of the purpose for your entire life, some of us may feel overwhelmed, or even unworthy of thinking in such a manner. Fortunately, if you start with your Noble Calling, the initial process is with a simpler concept: an effects-based life. This means that you want your life to have an effect on the universe. Every aspect of the world we live in has a cause and effect, if not multiple effects. So why should it be any different in how we actively live our lives? This is the time for you to begin a process that will not feel like work at all, but actually the beginning of an exciting purpose-filled life journey!

middle aged male high school teacherDo you know how to impact the world with your purpose?

When it comes to developing a plan to make a greater impact, it is easy to dream of the effect it will have. Perhaps you will teach children to read so they get a head start in life, or come up with a way to expand medical care in third world countries. Perhaps you will find you have a strong desire to live abroad, see the world, create wealth a different way, or achieve the best physical fitness of your life. Whether you know what your Noble Calling is in life, or if you are still formulating it in your mind, it is helpful to think in terms of “effects.” By thinking in terms of effects, you must first project yourself mentally into the future. Then think of what positive “effects” you want to have over your lifetime on your family, country and the world.   What do you want to have accomplished? What do you want to be known for? How did you make the world a better place?

American Football Player Catching a touchdown PassYou have frequently heard the phrase “it’s the journey, not the destination.” People often use this when they have suffered a perceived setback or are trying to motivate someone who did not get what they wanted. It’s nice. However, we believe it’s both – it’s the journey AND the destination additional hints.

You see, those people who achieve world-class results do so because they recognize there is a journey, and they fully intend to reach their destination. It’s not an either/or proposition but rather a focus and intensity that ensures they reach their destination.

Here’s what’s even more interesting – once these high-performing individuals reach one destination, they go after another, and another. Why? Because they have more to give, believe that more is out there and want to live life to the extreme fullest.

How do they keep the pace, in spite of the constant distractions life throws at them?