October 2015

runner-888016_1280Can you imagine training for a marathon? The dedication and motivation needed to achieve this goal can sound overwhelming. But when you break it down into shorter, consistent training periods the end goal won’t seem so difficult.

Just like the pros…you should never really have an off-season. Even in the off-season the world’s most elite athletes take the initiative to train harder and longer so that when the season starts back up again they are able to perform at the highest level possible. This is how you should approach your life and the goals you set for yourself!

GoalkeeperHave you ever watched a real football match? One where a team scores and the exceedingly enthusiastic announcer proclaims “GOOOOOAAAAAL” for a good 3 1/2 minutes? This is the same level of enthusiasm you should have for the goals you set and achieve for yourself! Whether it’s a small, large, short-term or long-term goal, every goal is one that makes an impact on your life journey, and ultimately one that brings you closer to your Noble Calling. Sometimes it can come down to that one goal. That one goal could finalize your success in a single match, or it could be the deciding factor that takes you to a World Cup level of performance!