December 2015

Rob Ffield Lead Plane

Have you ever watched an air show and really paid attention the to the detail of their extreme flying and tight choreography? Try to visualize the expertise, skill, and stamina needed to perform precise synchronized maneuvers at the very maximum capability of both human and machine. Near flawless execution of every individual and team component is critical to success, and there is never a day when anything less is acceptable! Only the best will do every time you fly. To be world-class, you and your team must strive for the same level of excellence as the esteemed Blue Angels. Don’t panic now! This high level of performance is much more attainable than one may think. With real dedication to a noble calling and the proper guidance, anyone and any team can achieve a lasting winning culture.

auto-racing-583032_1280Do you ever wonder how racecar drivers and teams go week to week throughout the season maintaining incredible levels of performance in extremely hazardous environments? It is because the weeks leading up to each performance consist of planning and preparing for the week like their lives depend on it—because in fact, their lives do depend on it. 

Make every week in your life count

When you live a high-performance oriented lifestyle, you look back at the end of every week and say, “Wow, that was awesome! Look at what I achieved!” You also know you moved several steps closer to your C-13 goals, your interim goals and ultimately, your Noble Calling.

Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to get an airplane up into the air? However many people that may be, every role is just as critical as the next. Each and every role should be executed flawlessly in order for the aircraft to work properly and safely. It’s safe to say that we all appreciate the diligent work that crews put into jobs such as this. Although, shouldn’t every role we play throughout our lives be executed with this same determination in order to excel?