Are You Motivated Like Your Life Depends on It?

Are You Motivated Like Your Life Depends on It?


  • Jumping out of bed every morning ready to get the day started.
  • Relentlessly pursuing perfection, efficiency and world-class performance.
  • Gaining energy by doing the extra things when everyone else has gone home.
  • Living with a deep sense of family, friendship and camaraderie.
  • Habitually visualizing goal attainment and success before it even happens!

These are real-life habits of the world’s most successful people. They live every day with passion for sure.   But what sets them apart from just dreamers is a sustained state of extreme high energy that comes from identifying with an overarching Noble Calling.

    • They believe they were placed on this earth to achieve a goal larger than themselves.
    • They identify what they do in terms of their family, their country and humanity.
    • Their Noble Calling serves to supercharge their human emotion to such intensity it turns dreams into action.
    • They link everything they do to their Noble Calling—like their life depends on it.

Your Noble Calling—Adding Full Afterburner to Every Aspect of Life

Jet fighters have engines equipped with afterburner. When pilots need extra power in a life or death situation, they move the throttle lever into the afterburner position and raw fuel is injected into the exhaust nozzle, radically boosting their aircraft’s performance.

When you figure out what your Noble Calling is, it will guide you and help keep the raw fuel of passion flowing into your own personal afterburning emotional engine!

It will give you the energy to expand your frontiers of extreme performance. . . it will change your life forever! 

Of course, the trick is to dig in and figure out your Noble Calling so you can enjoy each day with renewed energy and passion. That is the first step to creating a better life, a more fulfilled existence. It’s the foundation for building your own culture of excellence! Don’t you owe it to yourself to start on this journey today?

Rob Ffield is a dynamic, passionate leader known for building successful strategies and encouraging businesses and individuals to perform at their maximum potential.  He is an innovator and a well-respected consultant to some of the world’s most elite organizations. His most recent work is to develop CATSHOT 13, a self-paced program designed to encourage you to build and maintain optimum balance so you can achieve a lifetime of success.

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