Be Your Own Goal Keeper

Be Your Own Goal Keeper

GoalkeeperHave you ever watched a real football match? One where a team scores and the exceedingly enthusiastic announcer proclaims “GOOOOOAAAAAL” for a good 3 1/2 minutes? This is the same level of enthusiasm you should have for the goals you set and achieve for yourself!

Whether it’s a small, large, short-term or long-term goal, every goal is one that makes an impact on your life journey, and ultimately one that brings you closer to your Noble Calling. Sometimes it can come down to that one goal. That one goal could finalize your success in a single match, or it could be the deciding factor that takes you to a World Cup level of performance!

Once you discover your Noble Calling in life, it is time to set your interim goals. For these to be effective, your interim goals must do the following. They . . .

  • inspire you to take action.
  • are fun.
  • help maintain your free will.
  • supercharge your focus.
  • link to your Noble Calling with clear and easy to understand achievement metrics built in. 

So get excited! Warm-up. Stretch.

Now it’s time to really think big . . . This is where planning begins to turn into action.

Your interim goal categories might include wealth, financial independence, career milestones and personal health. Although, there is no limit to what goals you set for yourself. Now is the time to start dreaming big!

If you need further clarification as to what these goals may entail, here are some examples…and remember, think big!

  • Financial goals: Be debt free and have a net worth of $10 million within the next three years.
  • Profession, career and skill goals: Compete in the next Olympics. Learn a language. Graduate with honors in the next two years.
  • Physical health goals: Reach tangible physical health statistics in your weight, strength and flexibility in the next year.

Be mindful of the interim goal trap. It is common even for very driven people to forget the big picture and to not look beyond their interim goals.

You should always have a tentative game plan. Do you think professional players step onto the pitch without a game plan? Absolutely not! There are classic examples of professional athletes who work the first part of their lifetime to achieve success in sports, only to stagnate and stall out after retirement. They became celebrities, made millions of dollars, but are broke shortly after retirement because they did not complete their planning. How you start is just as important as how you finish!

Start your journey. Get inspired. Use the CATSHOT-13 program to set and achieve your really big goal, and ultimately, your Noble Calling!