CATSHOT Keynote Recap: NJSA Executive Leadership Conference

CATSHOT Keynote Recap: NJSA Executive Leadership Conference

Last month, I was invited to deliver a Keynote discussing the elements of High-Performance Leadership and Winning Cultures, followed by a “deep dive” seminar session on How to Build a Culture to Win, for the 12th Annual New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) Executive Leadership Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The theme of the event ­­– “Become a Better Leader ­- Model. Connect. Involve.” ­– served as the cornerstone of the afternoon presentation, where I made a point to connect with the audience on the three main points of the event, focusing on team leadership and organizational culture:
  • Model the behavior you want to see
  • Connect with the people you lead
  • Involve them as much as possible
My keynote featured stories from my time as a Boss at the Blue Angels, how my team’s communication and preparedness, and extreme-performance culture, helped us quickly adapt to changing environments and dangerous situations, and how these principles can be applied in the business world.

Here’s a quick video of me explaining the Blue Angels’ signature Diamond Formation, how this formation is analogous to the business C-suite, and the importance of synchronization among key team members:

The business landscape is constantly changing. Is your organizational culture strong enough to preserver? Is your personal culture in tune with your organization? Are you operating at peak performance?

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