Do You Know About The Performance Triad™?

Do You Know About The Performance Triad™?

DZZ_4428Have you ever successfully completed a very difficult project, course of study or been part of a winning team where your entire world revolved around enthusiastically pushing your own performance limits every day? Do you remember how great that felt?

You may also be inspired by personal interest stories showcasing Olympic athletes or business entrepreneurs who have dedicated years of their lives to achieve their goals. You may have recently seen the US team win the 2015 Woman’s World Cup. When they finally achieve their goals, it is exciting.

Equally exciting, but not normally seen by the public, is the energy and fulfillment these high-performing individuals get from their personal journey from obscurity to greatness!

That great personal sense of satisfaction you had and the inspirational journeys of others you witnessed were examples of the Performance Triad™ at work.

What if you were able to achieve that same sense of fulfillment and satisfaction every day for the rest of you life instead of for just relatively short durations? You can.

You can start right now by first understanding the elements of the Performance Triad and then by dedicating yourself to building your own personal culture of extreme high performance that optimizes it in every thing you do.

To demonstrate how the Performance Triad works we will use what fire fighters call the fire triangle as a metaphor.

Three things must be present to have a fire. First, a fire needs fuel. For our example let’s use a piece of paper. Then it needs oxygen to help it burn. Finally it needs heat. So lets place our piece of paper outside on the sidewalk where there is plenty of oxygen and also heat from the sun. Just having the three elements present does not guarantee a fire. In our case, the piece of paper could sit in the sun all day and never burst into flame. But, if we take a magnifying glass and focus the sun’s rays on the piece of paper, it will begin to burn. As soon as you take away any one of the elements of fuel, oxygen or heat, the flame will extinguish.

Your personal Performance Triad is like fire. Passion is your fuel generic prozac. Your ability to innovate and think for yourself, your free will is like oxygen. And total dedication and focus is your heat.

When you study how top performing individuals achieve success you will find that they have developed a personal culture that optimizes those three elements of the Performance Triad every day.

In the real world, you will be bombarded by people and situations who try intentionally or unintentionally take away your passion, free will or your focus to prevent you from achieving your dreams.

You must not allow that to happen!

Fortunately, you can tap into that inner extreme life person and put yourself on the right track to optimize your Performance Triad. It takes work, dedication and a strong desire, but you can do it! And we are here to help.

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Rob Ffield is a dynamic, passionate leader known for building successful strategies and encouraging businesses and individuals to perform at their maximum potential.  He is an innovator and a well-respected consultant to some of the world’s most elite organizations. His most recent work is to develop CATSHOT 13, a self-paced program designed to encourage you to build and maintain optimum balance so you can achieve a lifetime of success.

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