High Performance Resolutions Made to Stick

High Performance Resolutions Made to Stick

sky-78113_1280Welcome to 2016! Are you in the groove of things yet? The New Year always seems to bring feelings of excitement mixed with some anxiety. There is immense pressure on everyone to make a huge life change and to not fail at doing so. Why is it that we put so much emphasis on New Year resolutions anyway? Your motivation to build a better self should not begin on January 1st; it should begin right now and must be never-ending. So how can you make your resolutions stick?

Creating resolutions that stick

The resolutions you set for yourself, if done correctly, should become routine. They are habitual building blocks that will create a better you. It’s a brick and mortar job, if you will. Think of the resolutions as the bricks and the key elements of CATSHOT’s performance triad as the mortar that holds it all together. So how do you go about ensuring that you don’t fail at your resolutions? How do you get them to ultimately, stick?

While the action of accomplishing each of these goals is important, your mental outlook and energy are key. You have to want these positive changes for yourself and you have to be able to visualize their connection to a larger inspirational noble calling—the big picture. Only with that combination will you have the passion to fuel your innovation and focus on the goals at hand, through thick and through thin. People who can visualize the intended outcome, as if it has already been achieved, will have the mental persistence needed to see things through. Those that do not make the connection between their immediate goals and higher purpose in life, usually fail after just a few weeks. They fail because they try to construct a brick building without the big picture plans and the mortar to keep it all together.

Achieve your goals from the ground up

Your resolutions should lead you to greater end goals. Start small and build upon your goals from the bottom up. Just as if you were constructing a building, strategically place your resolutions to build most efficiently. Each resolution you set and conquer builds your walls and supporting structure of success higher and higher. While it may seem easier said than done, when the linkage between your interim goals is made to something bigger, it takes on an elegant simplicity. You already have what it takes; most people just lack the big vision and the courage to go for it.

Make your best a reality

Do you have what you need to make your best a reality? The easy answer to this is yes, you do. Remember, no one is free from life’s hurdles. I have experienced my fair share of challenges throughout my personal and professional career, and I have gained so much more from them than I could have ever imagined. Don’t let 2016 be another year of failed resolutions, allow me to show you how you too can make your best a reality.

CATSHOT showcases the best of what I have learned and taught from my time with the elite TOPGUN, Blue Angels flight teams and business. I can show you what it takes to become your own architect so that you will never experience another failed resolution, New Year or not!

Begin building your best self now!