Journey vs. Destination – Why Not Both?

Journey vs. Destination – Why Not Both?

American Football Player Catching a touchdown PassYou have frequently heard the phrase “it’s the journey, not the destination.” People often use this when they have suffered a perceived setback or are trying to motivate someone who did not get what they wanted. It’s nice. However, we believe it’s both – it’s the journey AND the destination additional hints.

You see, those people who achieve world-class results do so because they recognize there is a journey, and they fully intend to reach their destination. It’s not an either/or proposition but rather a focus and intensity that ensures they reach their destination.

Here’s what’s even more interesting – once these high-performing individuals reach one destination, they go after another, and another. Why? Because they have more to give, believe that more is out there and want to live life to the extreme fullest.

How do they keep the pace, in spite of the constant distractions life throws at them?

World Class Athletes, Astronauts, Flight Demonstration Pilots, and Business Professionals organize their lives around very focused, high intensity training periods.

  • Although the time varies by profession, three months of training is very common—13 weeks.
  • They eliminate as many distractions as possible while keeping their family lives healthy and engaged.
  • They break the year down into four 13-week periods.
  • They focus on the basics at first, then they ramp up until it is show time.
  • They continue to train even during the active competitive season.
  • They have a goal to finish the season, at their peak performance.
  • There is often little difference between training and actual competition. They keep it the same regardless.

Do you have THE mindset?

World-class athletes often say they enjoy the training as much as the real competition. They recognize that the training is what takes them to the destination safely and with style. The same holds true for any goal a person has – you must train to reach that goal, and be prepared to work through life’s distractions to reach that coveted destination. And then be prepared to take it a little farther. 

At CATSHOT, we say, “It is the journey and the destination.” 

Are you ready for your journey and your destination?