Learn From the Bold and Fearless

Learn From the Bold and Fearless

superhero-1043231_1920Have you ever had that one movie or documentary that you were addicted to? Your daily schedules might even have revolved around the airing of new episodes. When an individual puts that kind of time towards something, there is usually something about it that has drawn us in. Either we are living vicariously through the characters on the screen, or we imagine that one day that we to could do those amazing things as well. You see it almost everyday. It sells in books, in movies, and on TV…these true-life stories about bold, daring, and often, unconventional individuals. They capture our attention and our imagination.

They accomplish the incredible with swagger and lack of fear. They exude free will with everything they do. We are drawn to them because many of us would like to be a bit like that ourselves, but we have not got the nerve. Don’t you think it’s about time you did?

You Got Some Nerve

You can aspire to anything you want to be, president, business mogul, world champion racer, Olympic athlete, scientist, or the best grandparent on the block. To reach these goals and your Noble Calling, you need to exude and protect your free will so you can be just as daring.

There are some important steps to take and some important things to remember as you chase your Noble Calling:

  • Find your Noble Calling and set the interim goals that work for you!
  • Never worry what others think. Evaluate well-meaning advice through your lens, not theirs.
  • Ignore the naysayers—especially those wallowing in mediocrity themselves.
  • Maintain your best possible health, finances and relationships.
  • Pass on handouts and the free and easy— dependency corrodes free will like acid does to steel.

The Hero Mystique

These hero-like figures we admire have a mystique that comes from overcoming incredible odds and turning disaster into opportunity. They are always prepared for the worst and are fearless when faced with it. Many regular Joe’s have a tendency to cut and run when times get rough. No hero is in fact invincible, but they’re mindset sure doesn’t allow that to be seen. Get your head on straight, your cape fastened and be prepared to overcome any obstacles that come your way!

You need to develop your own mystique. You will then be prepared to overcome the barrage of these challenges awaiting you:

  • Design a set of personal limitations in terms of health, finances, relationships that enhance your ability to maintain your free will.
  • Create a list of emergency procedures you can accomplish immediately when your free will is in jeopardy.
  • Be aggressive with your plans, make the world react to you, not the other way around.

Value your free will and build a personal winning culture that maintains it . . . You will then have the nerve to expand your frontier of achievement every day!