Make Excellence a Habit


Make Excellence a Habit

Have you ever been around someone who seems to glide through each day with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and they consistently get more accomplished in three hours than others do in eight! These relentless innovators have developed high-performance life skills and habits that keep them focused, energized and efficient. When you adopt a high-performance lifestyle and relentlessly practice the concepts of C-13, that example will be you.

It’s time to jump into an effects-based life planning mindset! By now you either know what your Noble Calling in life is, or you have a systematic way through C-13 to find it. You have interim goals, you have C-13 goals and you have weekly goals.

Check. Check. And check! As you go through this process, you set yourself on a course to achieve wealth and fulfillment. Now it is time to execute. But, if you cannot execute, even the best plans become worthless!

Habits That Lead To Great Execution

We all possess good and bad habits. In order to execute your effects-based life plan efficiently, you should take note of some habits that will lead you there:

  • A great attitude.
  • A great attitude comes from having specific inspirational goals for the day that tie all the way to your Noble Calling.
  • A routine and realistic schedule or battle rhythm—being predictable helps with focus. Don’t jam in too much—less is often more.
  • Nutrition and physical training routines that give you high emotional and physical energy levels—you need it to extract the most of each day.
  • Health—always try to improve. It has a huge effect not only on performance but also your free will. Feel like you were a kid again!
  • Resilience against negative influences and bad situations—Learn from the best. They are all Teflon, stuff just rolls off their backs.
  • Lack of fear—rationalize it all away.
  • Treat practice and the real thing the same.

Some of these actions may feel forced at first, but repetition and conditioning will make these necessary traits habitual. Develop these into habits and you are quickly on your way to achieving your true noble calling!

Other habits will be specific to your situation in life and what you are trying to do.

The key is to be relentless in accomplishing every aspect of your day better and more efficiently each time. Whether you are a student, a farmer, an industrialist, doctor, lawyer, homemaker, grandparent—it does not matter.

Be your own coach and make yourself better by habitually briefing and debriefing yourself from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Every moment of your day should be analyzed, even your unconscious state. It’s equally important not to forget to debrief how well you slept. Sleep is a key component to health and directly affects your emotional and physical energy throughout the day. Every aspect of your life can have a positive or negative effect somewhere down the line.

Remember, this is called effects-based life planning and every action will result in some kind of effect.

The book, “Building a Personal Culture to Win” and the accompanying C-13 Personal Operations Handbook provides examples of daily schedules and best practices. These have been used effectively by some of the world’s most accomplished individuals—these habits are a great place to start and will work for you too.