Make Your New Years Resolutions . . . All Year Round!

Make Your New Years Resolutions . . . All Year Round!

runner-888016_1280Can you imagine training for a marathon? The dedication and motivation needed to achieve this goal can sound overwhelming. But when you break it down into shorter, consistent training periods the end goal won’t seem so difficult.

Just like the pros…you should never really have an off-season. Even in the off-season the world’s most elite athletes take the initiative to train harder and longer so that when the season starts back up again they are able to perform at the highest level possible. This is how you should approach your life and the goals you set for yourself!

Break out and accelerate your achievement with your own personal training camp—just like the pros do it.

Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring training . . . whatever you want to call it . . . short, intense, focused and very deliberate building-block training periods are extremely effective. You have seen it work for professional athletes and it will work for you regardless of your motivation, profession or even how old or young you are. Here is why:

  • Focusing on a few well thought out goals over a short duration uses your energy efficiently.
  • The concentrated effort quickly promotes great brain memory and muscle memory.
  • Once you have the basics mastered, it is much easier and faster to advance.
  • Seeing your own tangible improvement is fun, exhilarating and fulfilling.

Throw out the paradigm of a New Year’s resolution!

You know the excitement some have every year when they resolve to achieve great things in the coming year in terms of wealth, health (their weight) and profession. A few weeks in, they quickly fizzle out. After a month, they are back to the status quo . . . or worse.

Throw that model out and use what works for the pros. Set methodical, incremental goals. Execute a new training cycle every 13-weeks with new fresh goals each time. Make sure these C-13 goals all logically tie to larger interim goals and ultimately your Noble Calling. Here is why it works:

  • The cycle of methodically achieving incrementally more advance goals every 13 weeks keeps life fresh, interesting and energized. For those familiar with the concepts of muscle and brain confusion, C-13’s constant incremental cycle of mastery and change promotes growth that way too.
  • Keeping it fresh and crisp prevents physical and mental burnout.
  • As you approach the end of one C-13 cycle, you will be energized to plan your next cycle.

You should never have to wait until New Years to set life-changing resolutions for yourself find more. We have all taken part in setting goals for ourselves that eventually ended before the goal was reached. Try a different approach this time. Try an approach that has worked for the world’s elite athletes as well as our nations other top performing individuals.

C-13 helps you to be your own coach and to develop a habitual, high-performance lifestyle. Every 13 weeks, you get to successfully celebrate New Years all over again!