Make Your Organization Rock Like The Blue Angels

Make Your Organization Rock Like The Blue Angels

Rob Ffield Lead Plane

Have you ever watched an air show and really paid attention the to the detail of their extreme flying and tight choreography? Try to visualize the expertise, skill, and stamina needed to perform precise synchronized maneuvers at the very maximum capability of both human and machine. Near flawless execution of every individual and team component is critical to success, and there is never a day when anything less is acceptable! Only the best will do every time you fly.

To be world-class, you and your team must strive for the same level of excellence as the esteemed Blue Angels. Don’t panic now! This high level of performance is much more attainable than one may think. With real dedication to a noble calling and the proper guidance, anyone and any team can achieve a lasting winning culture.

The Blue Angels Take It To The Extreme

The Blue Angels repeatedly and consistently carve through the skies with ease, precision, and grace. They perform in such extreme, high-speed, G-force, and low-altitude environments; it makes one wonder how they manage this level of excellence time after time. Here is where an individual, personal winning culture, and that of the team, finds synergy. When each person maximizes their own personal culture of excellence and focuses it on a common goal, the team performs at its best.

The Blue Angels understand the importance of discipline, focus, and intense training in order to properly function as a cohesive unit. I have had the opportunity to experience first hand, and to live and breathe this culture of excellence alongside my Blue Angel teammates. Just like us, your team can achieve a winning culture with the same mindset and dedication.

So, does you team have what it takes to maintain a high performance level of excellence?

Infuse Your Organization With a High Level of Excellence!

 Achieving a high level of excellence isn’t as mysterious as one may think. But because so few have ever been on teams that perform at extreme, high levels, it is difficult to find the right guidance and leadership that knows how to get you there. I have been one of the few who has been fortunate enough to spend my entire professional career in those environments. I have made it my noble calling to give back by sharing all that I have learned.

The process starts by inspiring each individual within the team to pursue their own personal culture of excellence. Then individual personal winning cultures are methodically aligned to create one high performance, explosive team that rocks!

A Culture to Win!

To win, failure is definitely not an option for your or your team in some critical areas where safety and long-term health of the organization is concerned. But, it is acceptable and in fact desirable to intentionally expanding one’s frontier of performance by continuously improving and pushing the limits of what we can do to optimize our performance. Knowing how to find that fine line is what CATSHOT is all about.

I offer different outlets for you and your team to reach your own personal and professional winning cultures. Take it from a former Blue Angels Boss who has been there, done that and ultimately, conquered!

Crosscheck. Prepare for takeoff. Your runway to greatness starts right here!