Propel Your Team Out of the Winter Blues

Propel Your Team Out of the Winter Blues

aircraft-67566_1920As the start of the new year has passed, have you begun the struggle of holding onto your New Year’s productivity? Don’t feel bad. Everyone seems to start off the year strong and highly motivated, only to be overwhelmed with the pressure of keeping it up for the remaining 11 months of the year. Take a step back and adjust the lens.

Refocus your organization

Have you ever looked back on the week and realized you just went through the motions without remembering the ‘why?’ It’s easy to have this happen in any aspect of your life, but it’s critical to remember the ‘why’ of everything you do. If you don’t know what is driving you to accomplish certain goals, then how can you expect to stay motivated? They don’t call them the winter blues for nothing. It’s a time of year where everyone becomes distracted and overwhelmed with the excitement of the holidays and everything else going on around them.

Maybe it’s time to hit the refresh button and to refocus. Recall what is important to make your organization continue to soar. Sometimes a slight adjustment of your focal point is all that is required to get back on track. There are so many moving parts in an organization that it is easy to lose sight of the primary goals. Make sure you and your team always have your organizational goals at the forefront of every action.

Prepare for a profitable 2016

For many organizations, the winter months move a bit slower than desired. They’re typically inconsistent months in terms of productivity and profit for the organization, but they don’t have to be. Your team should approach this time of the year as the chance to step back and prepare for what’s to come. Yes, this is a team effort, but also each individual should be reminded to stay focused at the task at hand and ‘why.’ Are you and your team capable of staying on the straight and narrow during the winter blues?

Infuse high performance into your culture

It is important to reflect on the big picture from time to time. Obviously, sometimes it is necessary to do so that you can recharge and refocus your organization on the goals at hand. But, don’t hang out in the La-Z-Boy too long; your organization should always strive for a high performance culture. Keeping your team motivated and focused will keep your organization on the up and up.

Make the most of every workday and remember the purpose of your organizations actions and why they’re important. As easy as it may sound, it usually isn’t. Organizations have a lot of moving parts and many just don’t know where to begin to infuse high performance into their culture. Not to sound too critical, but you should provide your team with the expectation that every wasted minute of their workday is potentially a step backwards. I have experienced some of the most intense programs and with some of the most elite flight teams. Through these high performance organizations, I have been fortunate enough to acquire priceless tools and skills that I now want to pass along to you and your organization.

With the right mindset and heavy-duty foundation, your organization can catapult productively through the winter months. As soon as the ice melts and Spring rolls around, you will hit the ground running, leaving other organizations back at the start!