Does Your First Impression Showcase Your Lifetime of Achievement?


Does Your First Impression Showcase Your Lifetime of Achievement?

Meet Jon Rosenberg of Levrose Commercial Real Estate. Jon first became introduced to CATSHOT in October of 2015 at the EO Alchemy Regional Conference, where I was doing a keynote speech. Jon was already a successful individual, but he saw the opportunity to lift his level of achievement, both personally and professionally, by embracing CATSHOT 13 and a high performance mindset.

As a member of EO, Jon regularly embraces collaboration and knowledge sharing to further enrich his and his peers’ personal and professional lives. He’s heard numerous motivational speakers, but none that struck a cord with him like this before. One reason my speech resonated with him more than others, he said, was because of the level of credibility that was brought to the table. The best way to speak on a particular topic is to experience it first hand, and to understand it from the inside out.  My time with the Blue Angels and TOPGUN made up the most exhilarating and life-changing moments of my life. This was a period of time where I learned invaluable lessons that I knew must be shared with individuals like Jon who only want to better themselves.

Clear For Takeoff With C13

Jon Rosenberg said he has always had a thirst for learning. It has been amazing to witness the transformation that individuals like Jon go through once they really begin to step into the high performance mindset. A high performance lifestyle is not achieved by completing a one-time program; it’s a never-ending lifetime commitment.

Jon first began his journey with my book Building a Personal Culture to Win and he has documented this journey with the use of the Personal Operations Handbook look at this web-site. He is not an individual who typically has the time or attentiveness to finish a book, unless of course he feels it’s essential and will greatly impact his life. In fact, Jon viewed the Personal Operations Handbook as a highly valuable tool because it forces the individual to engage and document their C13 journey.

High Performance Making an Impact

It’s important to understand that incorporating high performance into your lifestyle is a process and will not present an immediate or long lasting result without continuous dedication and focus. Jon has shifted his mindset and since has seen a transformation in his personal and professional settings. He has consciously decided for himself that he wants to leave a great legacy, and his new high performance mindset has him set on this new path to greatness. Jon still has yet to discover his true noble calling, which is not something that can be rushed or taken lightly. But with his newly implemented high performance lifestyle, Jon Rosenberg is well on his way to seeing the huge impact that this new style of living will have.

The term “high-performance” may sound intimidating, but in fact it’s not as threatening as many make it out to be. Instead, this phrase should stir up feelings of excitement and drive within you. Everyone has the ability to achieve and benefit from a “high-performance” lifestyle; “it’s not for me” is no longer an acceptable excuse any longer. Don’t be deterred or threatened by a high performance lifestyle. Jon Rosenberg was able to see the life-altering effect this change would have on his legacy. Now it’s your turn.

Get your wheels up and get ready to climb to heights you’ve never imagined!