A Few Simple Rules To Achieve Your Personal Culture To Win

A Few Simple Rules To Achieve Your Personal Culture To Win

What does a “Personal Winning Culture” look like?

Let’s start with the basics. I’ve professed many times throughout the years that creating a Culture to Win requires Performance, which includes three simple ingredients:

  • Passion (Noble Calling)
  • Free Will
  • Focus

Passion: is drawn from our emotions. This is something that makes you happy, such as activities that are uplifting and energizing. Passion starts with incorporating these ideals into your everyday life.

Ensure your passion is being met at the start and end of the day – both your workday and your day in general–which will eventually lead to the acknowledgement of your Noble Calling. 

Noble Calling is the highest and purest form of Passion.” 

Free Will: is the act of autonomy, self-determination, and independence. I view this as the power of acting without the constraint; choosing your own destiny.

Your sense of free will may change over time, as your priorities in life tend to shift. However, it is extremely important that we maintain consciousness of free will, without imposition.

Focus: is the state of quality through clarity. Understanding that capability without accuracy is wasted energy.

Details are so critical and are often the key differentiator between what’s considered merely “good” and truly “great.”

Passion. Free Will. Focus. These three principles, when rightly understood and aligned, is the recipe for winning and success. But what about enacting these principles into culture?

What is “Culture?”

Culture: is the recognition of the habits, practices, and behaviors that define who (or what) we are to the world. Culture impacts perception.

In the corporate world, Culture is often associated with the morals and ethics that an organization exemplifies.

The term Corporate Culture is “implied, but not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires.” People represent organizations.

Personal Culture­–the attitudes, philosophies, and values of these “people”–is the individual representation that makes up the collective and is transferable between the whole of the organization. Thus, Personal Culture is directly representative of the Organizational Culture.

So, how do we shape and influence our “Personal Culture” in a positive way?

It starts with understanding the principles of performance and how they impact winning and success. It’s about developing meaningful processes, regimented routines, and useful habits. This is your Battle Rhythm.

Here are a few of my simple rules to Achieving a Personal Culture to Win:

Be a Self-Starter and Start Early

Being an effective “early riser” significantly impacts the rest of your day. Willpower is highest in the morning and it’s important to start the day strong. A morning routine is a must and should make the start of your day more productive.

Be Active, Every Day

Regular exercise is a great way to start the day, where studies have shown that when done early, it helps increase alertness, energy, productivity, creativity, and focus. I try to get my workout in early, where I find I have greater energy for their most important work earlier in the day.

Plan Your Day (the Day Before)

I’ve seen multiple approaches to this concept, such as developing a “Tomorrow List” or writing down the top three things you want to accomplish the next day at the end of the day before. However, objectives aren’t as crucial as getting the work done! Completing day-to-day tasks which propel you toward the person you wish to become will be a greater benefit to you than incessant planning.

Invest In Yourself

Network, educate yourself, invest in relationships, spiritually reflect, and take care of your physical and mental health. Attack the day without second guessing yourself or your decisions. A healthy mindset will always yield better results, both in the workplace and at home. Own your mistakes. Correct your errors. Reward your successes.

Strategize and Execute

If strategy is planning and decision, execution is about making it happen! It’s the follow through. I start with creating clear goals for everyone supporting the overall strategy. This can be done at a personal and organizational level. Ensure a means of measuring progress toward those goals and be accountable for the progress!

To learn more, check out my books: Building a Culture to Win & Building a Personal Culture to Win.

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