The Benefits of an Extreme High Performance Lifestyle

The Benefits of an Extreme High Performance Lifestyle

9-Way DiamondWhat does living an extreme high performance lifestyle mean to you? Perhaps it’s the edgy way you enjoy your free time, or perhaps you fantasize about competing in some extreme sport. Maybe you think about even being in better shape and living more satisfied day to day?

What if I told you that living an Extreme High Performance Lifestyle is really a way of life, not just a segment of your time? What if you could really step into all that you know you can be, without the ridicule of those who just don’t get it?

It’s The Only Way…

At CATSHOT Group, we believe an extreme high performance lifestyle is the only way to live!

We believe wealth, happiness, success and ultimate fulfillment in life result from building a personal culture of high-performance that optimizes and balances the three key components of performance; Passion, Free Will and Focus. We call those three the Performance Triad™. We also believe your performance is boosted when you are able align your passion with a goal larger than yourself. We call that, Your Noble Calling.

You feel the difference just reading the words Noble Calling, don’t you? And you recognize that inner burn that comes from your passion, free will and focus. Isn’t it time to step into your true self?

Over the next 13 weeks, we are going to explore the tenants of programs I developed using my experiences while living an Extreme High Performance Life. Whether is was serving as an air-combat instructor for TOPGUN, leading The Blue Angels, excelling in sports such as alpine ski racing and soccer, I have spent a lifetime building winning strategies and tactics that work well for those of us who believe in catapulting our lives forward in a passionate, focused way.

Make It Happen Your Way…

If you are ready to begin living Your Noble Calling, then CATSHOT 13 (C-13) is for you. This self-coached program is designed to help you find the Noble Calling within you and then to help you create your own plan to optimize your Performance Triad!

Our promise is that your life will never be the same once you start C-13.

The benefits of using the C-13 process and developing an extreme high performance mindset in all aspects of your life include:

  • Clarity of purpose—discover your internal energy and drive that will propel you forward when you discover what your true Noble Calling is and put your life into action to achieve it.
  • Visualize your way to success—learn the power of visualizing your goals as though you have achieved them already. You will use that energy to go out and make those goals real!
  • Overcome the common fears that prevent people from going after their goals.
  • Make failure an opportunity—you will learn how not to be afraid to fail and in fact, how to use failure as energy to propel yourself to success.
  • Learn how to follow your dreams and how to bypass those who want to choose their dream for you.
  • Learn how to build your own list of personal operating limitations, standards and emergency procedures that will keep you on track when life’s inevitable roadblocks try to get in your way.
  • Passion and Optimism—you will learn to have both in your heart every day!
  • Perfection—although you will never attain perfection, you will get energy from pursuing it in every thing you do.
  • Wealth—you will get it, no matter how you define it.
  • building-_personal--final-frontSuccess—C-13 will result in a lifetime of successes. You will begin to achieve one interim goal after another as you work towards your Noble Calling
  • Overcome you current station in life. C-13 works regardless of where you start, how old, how young, how successful you are or have been. It is a chance to reinvent yourself.
  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment

To get started today using these powerful life-changing concepts, go to our Products and Services page and order your copy of “Building a Personal Culture to Win” and the associated Personal Operations Handbook and free performance tracking sheets.

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