The Cause and Effect of Our Lives


The Cause and Effect of Our Lives

How will you find your Noble Calling?

What is your purpose in life? What will be the ULTIMATE significance of your life in this world? These questions are not to be taken lightly, and deserve focus and attention. Fortunately, there is a way to find your purpose and get on the right path to make an impact. You find your Noble Calling.

When faced with the colossal idea of the purpose for your entire life, some of us may feel overwhelmed, or even unworthy of thinking in such a manner. Fortunately, if you start with your Noble Calling, the initial process is with a simpler concept: an effects-based life. This means that you want your life to have an effect on the universe.

Every aspect of the world we live in has a cause and effect, if not multiple effects. So why should it be any different in how we actively live our lives? This is the time for you to begin a process that will not feel like work at all, but actually the beginning of an exciting purpose-filled life journey!

It’s time to envision what the future holds for you. Start by asking yourself these simple questions to begin your effects-based life planning process:

First, project yourself mentally forward in time . . . then, pretend you are looking back at your life.

  • What have you been known for?
  • What do the history books say about you?
  • What positive thing did you do for your family, your country, the world?
  • What do your children, grand children say about you?

As you move through the process of finding your Noble Calling, you will become increasingly more inspired! You know you are getting close when . . .

  • Your heart swells!
  • You cannot stop thinking about how great it will be when you achieve it!
  • The energy you get from it helps you overcome any fear such the fear of other people telling you your goal is too big.
  • You are inspired every day to make your Noble Calling a reality.
  • It guides your life.

What if it does not come to you?

There is always a possibility that you will not discover your Noble Calling right away. Don’t become discouraged – this is completely normal and a challenge that we all must overcome. Perhaps you only need to take a little more time to think it through.

While on the journey to finding your Noble Calling, you may be confronted with internal hurdles, and external roadblocks. Avoid well-meaning naysayers. You should not be worried about what other people say or think. This is your life, not theirs. Many will tell you your goals are beyond your capability, that your Noble Calling is too big of a dream. Honestly, when is it not okay to dream?

The important thing is to focus on the what, not the how. Remind yourself about how important that “what” is. You are searching for your Noble Calling! Let the excitement of your eventual discovery of this provide you with the fuel necessary to overcome this hurdle.

So, how can we help? By introducing you to the CATSHOT 13 process. This will help you fine-tune your Noble Calling over time.

C-13 provides an iterative process that will help you get within the ballpark of finding your Noble Calling within a few days or weeks. You will continue to fine tune it and review it for the rest of your life. When you get close, it will be very clear. You will be able to visualize and sense it like you have already achieved it. Eventually, you will have refined your description down to one sentence or a few phrases that means something to you and becomes your life’s guiding focus.

Finding your Noble Calling will be a life-altering journey, and ultimately it has to be yours and yours alone.

Every individual is different in his or her own way and on so many levels, that the process of finding one’s Noble Calling is never the same for any single person. Begin your inspired effects-based life plan today! You will soon find that you are living each day to the fullest and that each day is filled with passion!

Remember, a Noble Calling is not necessarily about material things, but you will be sure to find wealth, happiness and fulfillment along the way!