The Success Secret of the Elite

The Success Secret of the Elite

middle aged male high school teacherDo you know how to impact the world with your purpose?

When it comes to developing a plan to make a greater impact, it is easy to dream of the effect it will have. Perhaps you will teach children to read so they get a head start in life, or come up with a way to expand medical care in third world countries. Perhaps you will find you have a strong desire to live abroad, see the world, create wealth a different way, or achieve the best physical fitness of your life.

Whether you know what your Noble Calling is in life, or if you are still formulating it in your mind, it is helpful to think in terms of “effects.” By thinking in terms of effects, you must first project yourself mentally into the future. Then think of what positive “effects” you want to have over your lifetime on your family, country and the world.   What do you want to have accomplished? What do you want to be known for? How did you make the world a better place?

Simply start with the “what” first . . . the “how” will come later.

Thinking in terms of the “effects” simplifies your life planning process. At CATSHOT, we call it “effects-based life planning.”

When you start with the “what,” you allow yourself many more options and avenues for the “how.” What could happen if you found and fulfilled your Noble Calling? What would that impact look like to you and others? Starting with “what” creates possibilities and removes limits.

So how do you get started?

Let your passion and imagination guide you.

Start by creating a list of possible courses of action that can lead to the effects you want to create. These actions should be:

  • Attainable within the next three to five years.
  • Measurable and specific; e.g., graduating from school, creating a certain level of wealth or a specific level of your personal health and fitness.
  • Challenging so that you are stretching yourself. Don’t make them too easy—push yourself!

Once you have written down all of these goals, you then want to select your most inspirational interim goals.

  • Select the interim goals that meet the criteria above, but that also give you the most inspiration and energy.
  • From that list, select the logical top three.
  • Now you have your interim goals.

The next steps are outlined for you in the CATSHOT 13 (C-13) program so you can begin living with focused passion every day!

You have used your passion and free will to conduct your own effects-based life planning. Now, you need to focus.

Using the guiding principles of C-13, you can focus your daily, weekly and quarterly efforts on achieving your interim goals.

Because you have created an inspired effects-based life plan, you will live with passion every day!

Now you have joined the same club as the world’s most renowned inventors, scientists, business tycoons and athletes. They did not start with “how,” they started with the “what” and lived every day with passion achieving it. You have the secret – now is the time to move toward your Noble Calling!