To Infinity and Beyond a Lifetime of Achievement


To Infinity and Beyond a Lifetime of Achievement

A very wise toy once said, “to infinity and beyond!” It’s a powerful phrase, but have you actually thought about what it means? Infinity implies something that never ends, so how would you ever possibly go beyond that? It’s all about the way you look at things. To me, infinity is an illusion. Never is it truly unreachable, but it always keeps one shooting for the stars!

Here is where we all can take a cue from those who were truly great throughout history. They never stopped expanding their frontier of achievement and searching for ways to better fulfill their Noble Calling, even after they have achieved incredible wealth and fame. In fact, many, continue to help humanity centuries past their lifetime through the inventions, discoveries and philanthropy they left behind. So what will you leave behind?

The Bigger Picture

When we measure our life’s worth by the positive impact we have on others, wealth becomes more than the monetary riches.

Change the way you look at things. There’s much more to life than the price tag on things. Where many people get caught up is that the term worth has to do with the cost of something, but you must remember it actually relates to the value.

Through that lens, our inspirational interim goals are put into perspective of the bigger picture…our Noble Calling.

Winning the Super Bowl, creating a new vaccine, inventing break through technology, and raising a family are all great interim goals. By using the C-13 effects-based life planning and execution process, you can and will achieve your goals. But what will really define your greatness is not the Super Bowl ring on your finger or the size of your bank account, but what positive effect you achieve for others.

Define Your Worth

The magnitude of what you achieve and the effect you have on others is up to you to decide. It can be one, or it can be millions. Either can have a positive impact on the world well beyond your lifetime.

So, if you don’t know it yet, keep searching for your Noble Calling. When you find it, you will discover a whole new level of energy that will propel you forward into your own personal frontier of achievement. The personal culture you create for yourself through C-13 is your first building block for being truly great! Never stop.

When you relentlessly strive to expand your frontier of achievement, the effects will propagate well beyond your lifetime. 

To infinity and beyond, you will put your positive dent in the universe!