Culture of Excellence

Has there ever been a moment in your life when you were scared of the commitment you were about to make? Chances are it has happened at one time or another, either in your personal, professional, or social life. You are not the only one who has experienced this struggle prozac 10 mg. It’s difficult for many, primarily because once committed there are two possible outcomes: success or failure…both of which can generate anxiety or distress within an individual.

Don’t let fear consume you or prevent you from being the person you are capable of being. Every individual journey is different. Remember that along every journey there will be bumps in the road and hurdles to overcome, it’s just a matter of how dedicated you are to persevering up and over them.

aircraft-67566_1920As the start of the new year has passed, have you begun the struggle of holding onto your New Year’s productivity? Don’t feel bad. Everyone seems to start off the year strong and highly motivated, only to be overwhelmed with the pressure of keeping it up for the remaining 11 months of the year. Take a step back and adjust the lens.

Refocus your organization

Have you ever looked back on the week and realized you just went through the motions without remembering the ‘why?’ It’s easy to have this happen in any aspect of your life, but it’s critical to remember the ‘why’ of everything you do. If you don’t know what is driving you to accomplish certain goals, then how can you expect to stay motivated? They don’t call them the winter blues for nothing. It’s a time of year where everyone becomes distracted and overwhelmed with the excitement of the holidays and everything else going on around them.

superhero-1043231_1920Have you ever had that one movie or documentary that you were addicted to? Your daily schedules might even have revolved around the airing of new episodes. When an individual puts that kind of time towards something, there is usually something about it that has drawn us in. Either we are living vicariously through the characters on the screen, or we imagine that one day that we to could do those amazing things as well. You see it almost everyday. It sells in books, in movies, and on TV…these true-life stories about bold, daring, and often, unconventional individuals. They capture our attention and our imagination. They accomplish the incredible with swagger and lack of fear. They exude free will with everything they do. We are drawn to them because many of us would like to be a bit like that ourselves, but we have not got the nerve. Don’t you think it’s about time you did?

sky-78113_1280Welcome to 2016! Are you in the groove of things yet? The New Year always seems to bring feelings of excitement mixed with some anxiety. There is immense pressure on everyone to make a huge life change and to not fail at doing so. Why is it that we put so much emphasis on New Year resolutions anyway? Your motivation to build a better self should not begin on January 1st; it should begin right now and must be never-ending. So how can you make your resolutions stick?

Creating resolutions that stick

The resolutions you set for yourself, if done correctly, should become routine. They are habitual building blocks that will create a better you. It’s a brick and mortar job, if you will. Think of the resolutions as the bricks and the key elements of CATSHOT’s performance triad as the mortar that holds it all together. So how do you go about ensuring that you don’t fail at your resolutions? How do you get them to ultimately, stick?

Have you ever been around someone who seems to glide through each day with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and they consistently get more accomplished in three hours than others do in eight! These relentless innovators have developed high-performance life skills and habits that keep them focused, energized and efficient. When you adopt a high-performance lifestyle and relentlessly practice the concepts of C-13, that example will be you.

It’s time to jump into an effects-based life planning mindset! By now you either know what your Noble Calling in life is, or you have a systematic way through C-13 to find it. You have interim goals, you have C-13 goals and you have weekly goals.

Rob Ffield Lead Plane

Have you ever watched an air show and really paid attention the to the detail of their extreme flying and tight choreography? Try to visualize the expertise, skill, and stamina needed to perform precise synchronized maneuvers at the very maximum capability of both human and machine. Near flawless execution of every individual and team component is critical to success, and there is never a day when anything less is acceptable! Only the best will do every time you fly. To be world-class, you and your team must strive for the same level of excellence as the esteemed Blue Angels. Don’t panic now! This high level of performance is much more attainable than one may think. With real dedication to a noble calling and the proper guidance, anyone and any team can achieve a lasting winning culture.