Building a Culture to Win

Ready for your team to take a CATSHOT and propel them and your culture to the next level? Building A Culture to Win inspires teams to top performance while drawing on proven lessons from some of the Navy’s most elite teams and training programs, the Blue Angels and TOPGUN as well as referencing other elite teams across different disciplines and how they use similar methodologies to win. Explore the three elements of The Performance Triad™ and learn how to harness and maximize on the combination of these elements to build winning cultures of innovation, success and sustainability.


Building a Personal Culture to Win

To be part of a great team and build a phenomenal culture requires starting the process early and defining your own goals, leadership qualities, and practices. Whether your goal is Earth-shattering in scope or a simple step forward, the principles outlined in Building a Personal Culture to Win can help you overcome challenges, improve your chances of success, and push your personal boundaries even further.  Expanding upon the same proven concepts and performance-based, building-block training approaches used to safely train fighter pilots at TOPGUN and with the Blue Angels, this self-coached training program provides all the tools you need to accomplish your goals and experience a powerful transformation.


Personal Operations Handbook

Take the elements of Building a Personal Culture to Win and put them straight into actions by using the Personal Operations Handbook (POH). The POH will guide you through the CATSHOT 13 process. It was developed and honed after years of teaching various participants to accomplish extreme goals in extreme environments. We are confident that if you apply the same principles used to teach fighter pilots, airshow performers, and other professionals where performance matters, it will certainly work for you.

Workshop Downloads

Continue working toward your goals! Use the Briefing & Debriefing Sheet and Weekly Goal Tracker after you’ve completed the Personal Operations Handbook to stay the course.

Click to download the CATSHOT 13 Briefing & Debriefing Sheet.

Click to download the CATSHOT 13 Weekly Goal Tracker.