Keynotes & Training Programs

At CATSHOT, we believe to be a consistent winner for both you personally and your team, you need to develop and maintain an extreme-high-performance winning culture. If you are looking for a thrilling and impactful way to start that journey, this is where it begins.

Here is how it works… CATSHOT is devoted to promoting the same processes and extreme performance cultures as the elite TOPGUN and Blue Angel teams. Just like them, we are relentless in maximizing both organizational and individual performance! Our keynotes, seminars and individually-paced CATSHOT 13 programs can help you and your team set aggressive goals and promote the inspirational planning, innovative mindset, focused actions and accountability you need to reach them.

Building a Culture to Win –

  • Sense for yourself what it is like to be part of an organization that lives an extreme high-performance culture every day. The presentation’s powerful vignettes and your imagination leave you and your team with the experience of having been there yourselves.
  • Once you experience what a true, no holds bared culture of excellence is like, you will be able to harness for your team that same passion, free will and focus that makes TOPGUN and the Blue Angels the best at what they do.


Building a Personal Culture to Win – 

  • Those high-performing individuals have one thing in common—they each have adopted a personal culture based on an extreme high-performance lifestyle.
  • Extreme high-performing teams are made of extreme high-performing individuals working together synergistically.
  • Building a Personal Culture to Win” lets you experience for yourself the personal mindset and habits the world’s top performers use to win at the highest levels every day. With that experience, you can adopt a new personal extreme-high-performance oriented culture of your own.
  • Learn what it takes to be wealthier, happier and more fulfilled—and have like-minded people wanting to be on your team!

One-Day Program –

  • Learn the key CATSHOT concepts and practices that have been proven by the world’s most elite teams; encapsulated in the books and workbook composed by Rob Ffield.
  • Includes a Keynote speech and hands on training work.


Self-Paced Program –

  • You are the pilot in this self-paced, highly personalized program.
  • Utilizes the book “Building a Personal Culture to Win” as a step-by-step guide.
  • Learn how to develop your own personal focus and motivation.
  • Pave your own path as you develop your own personal culture of excellence.


CATSHOT 13: Expand Your Personal Frontier of Human Achievement –

  • A guided 13-week program.
  • Receive on-site personalized coaching services, complete with weekly updates.
  • You will learn the high performance habits of members of the world’s most elite teams.


The paths to your success are abundant and extremely versatile here at CATSHOT Group. We will provide you with the best, personalized seminar option so that you can begin your path to success.

Are you ready to CATSHOT you and your team to a higher level of performance? If so, we can help!

For more information on how we can help expand your frontier of human achievement, simply fill out the form and we will be in touch with your own personalized program options.

Let us help you build your culture of excellence!