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of Human Achievement

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Cultivate the ability for your organization to influence and expand your business through an effects-based strategic communication and execution plan. Your organization will stay one step ahead of the competition.


Put your leadership team through an edge-of-the-seat journey designed to test their will & accelerate their individual and team performance. Mastering CATSHOT Group’s proven methods will enhance your organizations total performance.

Keynotes &

When it’s time to bring in a dynamic individual to WOW your team into action, CATSHOT Group is the winning choice. Our various powerful keynote presentations and workshops are proven to excite and inspire all audiences.


Our company’s name traces its origin to the Navy’s steam powered catapult shot that launches aircraft from aircraft carriers. One of the fastest acceleration forces of man and machine in the world, the CATSHOT is symbolic of our company’s goal of assisting teams and individuals in rapidly achieving the winning combination of passion, free will and focus in their quest to build winning cultures.

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