Living to the Extreme

September 7th at 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EST: Join Rob Ffield, founder of CATSHOT Group and former Blue Angels Boss, TOPGUN instructor as he outlines proven tactics that will have your team quickly adopt that winning attitude. During this free webinar, you will lear Puff n Stuff Smoke Shop Garland.

  • How The Blue Angels Consistently Perform at High-levels in Extreme Environments
  • How You Can Use Those Same Techniques to Build a Culture of Excellence for Your Team 9btt1fk.
  • A Seat at the Table of TOPGUN: Learning the Art and Science of Winning against the World’s Most Dangerous Threats through Relentless Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Applying to Your Organization: Building and executing a transformative plan so you and your team can perform and win like TOPGUN and the Blue Angels.


How do you transform your organizational culture into a world-class Olympic style culture? Watching world-class teams in action has inspired us all, and with the 2016 Olympics in full swing we will see some amazing accomplishments! Think back to a time when your favorite team was on the brink of conquering a truly great feat; it is exhilarating isn’t it? Most likely, your senses became heightened and your heart began to beat faster as you watched them efficiently execute the most challenging and even dangerous tasks. But what is actually happening here? One thing is for sure . . . performing at these high levels goes well beyond just being inspired to be great.  There is something more..

The business environment is evolving at an accelerated rate, primarily due to such factors as globalization and advances in information and technology. What used to take 15 years to change, now takes 5 or less. This pace requires a shift in how you think about innovation, because really you have three choices (two of which are undesirable):  innovate, exit or die.

I’d like to introduce you to Andy Des Jardins. Comparable to any of us, he has gone through life checking off the necessary expectations that have been ingrained in our societal DNA. Andy spent his corporate years in a fulfilling and supportive environment with DuPont. He worked there for over 35 years, gaining experience in various disciplines within the organization. He was granted a stable opportunity to succeed in the corporate world during his career. DuPont’s strong core values resonated greatly with Mr. Des Jardins; and not only that, but they greatly valued dedicated employees such as Andy. What more could you ask for? Well, life is a journey, so there are always more opportunities on the horizon.