Living to the Extreme

sky-78113_1280Welcome to 2016! Are you in the groove of things yet? The New Year always seems to bring feelings of excitement mixed with some anxiety. There is immense pressure on everyone to make a huge life change and to not fail at doing so. Why is it that we put so much emphasis on New Year resolutions anyway? Your motivation to build a better self should not begin on January 1st; it should begin right now and must be never-ending. So how can you make your resolutions stick?

Creating resolutions that stick

The resolutions you set for yourself, if done correctly, should become routine. They are habitual building blocks that will create a better you. It’s a brick and mortar job, if you will. Think of the resolutions as the bricks and the key elements of CATSHOT’s performance triad as the mortar that holds it all together. So how do you go about ensuring that you don’t fail at your resolutions? How do you get them to ultimately, stick?

Have you ever been around someone who seems to glide through each day with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and they consistently get more accomplished in three hours than others do in eight! These relentless innovators have developed high-performance life skills and habits that keep them focused, energized and efficient. When you adopt a high-performance lifestyle and relentlessly practice the concepts of C-13, that example will be you.

It’s time to jump into an effects-based life planning mindset! By now you either know what your Noble Calling in life is, or you have a systematic way through C-13 to find it. You have interim goals, you have C-13 goals and you have weekly goals.

Rob Ffield Lead Plane

Have you ever watched an air show and really paid attention the to the detail of their extreme flying and tight choreography? Try to visualize the expertise, skill, and stamina needed to perform precise synchronized maneuvers at the very maximum capability of both human and machine. Near flawless execution of every individual and team component is critical to success, and there is never a day when anything less is acceptable! Only the best will do every time you fly. To be world-class, you and your team must strive for the same level of excellence as the esteemed Blue Angels. Don’t panic now! This high level of performance is much more attainable than one may think. With real dedication to a noble calling and the proper guidance, anyone and any team can achieve a lasting winning culture.

auto-racing-583032_1280Do you ever wonder how racecar drivers and teams go week to week throughout the season maintaining incredible levels of performance in extremely hazardous environments? It is because the weeks leading up to each performance consist of planning and preparing for the week like their lives depend on it—because in fact, their lives do depend on it. 

Make every week in your life count

When you live a high-performance oriented lifestyle, you look back at the end of every week and say, “Wow, that was awesome! Look at what I achieved!” You also know you moved several steps closer to your C-13 goals, your interim goals and ultimately, your Noble Calling.

Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to get an airplane up into the air? However many people that may be, every role is just as critical as the next. Each and every role should be executed flawlessly in order for the aircraft to work properly and safely. It’s safe to say that we all appreciate the diligent work that crews put into jobs such as this. Although, shouldn’t every role we play throughout our lives be executed with this same determination in order to excel?

runner-888016_1280Can you imagine training for a marathon? The dedication and motivation needed to achieve this goal can sound overwhelming. But when you break it down into shorter, consistent training periods the end goal won’t seem so difficult.

Just like the pros…you should never really have an off-season. Even in the off-season the world’s most elite athletes take the initiative to train harder and longer so that when the season starts back up again they are able to perform at the highest level possible. This is how you should approach your life and the goals you set for yourself!

GoalkeeperHave you ever watched a real football match? One where a team scores and the exceedingly enthusiastic announcer proclaims “GOOOOOAAAAAL” for a good 3 1/2 minutes? This is the same level of enthusiasm you should have for the goals you set and achieve for yourself! Whether it’s a small, large, short-term or long-term goal, every goal is one that makes an impact on your life journey, and ultimately one that brings you closer to your Noble Calling. Sometimes it can come down to that one goal. That one goal could finalize your success in a single match, or it could be the deciding factor that takes you to a World Cup level of performance!

How will you find your Noble Calling?

What is your purpose in life? What will be the ULTIMATE significance of your life in this world? These questions are not to be taken lightly, and deserve focus and attention. Fortunately, there is a way to find your purpose and get on the right path to make an impact. You find your Noble Calling. When faced with the colossal idea of the purpose for your entire life, some of us may feel overwhelmed, or even unworthy of thinking in such a manner. Fortunately, if you start with your Noble Calling, the initial process is with a simpler concept: an effects-based life. This means that you want your life to have an effect on the universe. Every aspect of the world we live in has a cause and effect, if not multiple effects. So why should it be any different in how we actively live our lives? This is the time for you to begin a process that will not feel like work at all, but actually the beginning of an exciting purpose-filled life journey!

middle aged male high school teacherDo you know how to impact the world with your purpose?

When it comes to developing a plan to make a greater impact, it is easy to dream of the effect it will have. Perhaps you will teach children to read so they get a head start in life, or come up with a way to expand medical care in third world countries. Perhaps you will find you have a strong desire to live abroad, see the world, create wealth a different way, or achieve the best physical fitness of your life. Whether you know what your Noble Calling is in life, or if you are still formulating it in your mind, it is helpful to think in terms of “effects.” By thinking in terms of effects, you must first project yourself mentally into the future. Then think of what positive “effects” you want to have over your lifetime on your family, country and the world.   What do you want to have accomplished? What do you want to be known for? How did you make the world a better place?

American Football Player Catching a touchdown PassYou have frequently heard the phrase “it’s the journey, not the destination.” People often use this when they have suffered a perceived setback or are trying to motivate someone who did not get what they wanted. It’s nice. However, we believe it’s both – it’s the journey AND the destination additional hints.

You see, those people who achieve world-class results do so because they recognize there is a journey, and they fully intend to reach their destination. It’s not an either/or proposition but rather a focus and intensity that ensures they reach their destination.

Here’s what’s even more interesting – once these high-performing individuals reach one destination, they go after another, and another. Why? Because they have more to give, believe that more is out there and want to live life to the extreme fullest.

How do they keep the pace, in spite of the constant distractions life throws at them?