Living to the Extreme

  • Jumping out of bed every morning ready to get the day started.
  • Relentlessly pursuing perfection, efficiency and world-class performance.
  • Gaining energy by doing the extra things when everyone else has gone home.
  • Living with a deep sense of family, friendship and camaraderie.
  • Habitually visualizing goal attainment and success before it even happens!
These are real-life habits of the world’s most successful people. They live every day with passion for sure.   But what sets them apart from just dreamers is a sustained state of extreme high energy that comes from identifying with an overarching Noble Calling.
  • They believe they were placed on this earth to achieve a goal larger than themselves.
  • They identify what they do in terms of their family, their country and humanity.
  • Their Noble Calling serves to supercharge their human emotion to such intensity it turns dreams into action.
  • They link everything they do to their Noble Calling—like their life depends on it.

DZZ_4428Have you ever successfully completed a very difficult project, course of study or been part of a winning team where your entire world revolved around enthusiastically pushing your own performance limits every day? Do you remember how great that felt?

You may also be inspired by personal interest stories showcasing Olympic athletes or business entrepreneurs who have dedicated years of their lives to achieve their goals. You may have recently seen the US team win the 2015 Woman’s World Cup. When they finally achieve their goals, it is exciting.

Equally exciting, but not normally seen by the public, is the energy and fulfillment these high-performing individuals get from their personal journey from obscurity to greatness!

That great personal sense of satisfaction you had and the inspirational journeys of others you witnessed were examples of the Performance Triad™ at work.

9-Way DiamondWhat does living an extreme high performance lifestyle mean to you? Perhaps it’s the edgy way you enjoy your free time, or perhaps you fantasize about competing in some extreme sport. Maybe you think about even being in better shape and living more satisfied day to day? What if I told you that living an Extreme High Performance Lifestyle is really a way of life, not just a segment of your time? What if you could really step into all that you know you can be, without the ridicule of those who just don’t get it?