Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Inspire Lasting Success: Lessons from TOPGUN and the Blue Angels

Immediately elevate individual and team results with a powerful keynote presentation and a half -day workshop.


Why Hire Rob

Accelerate Performance and Unleash the Passion for Achievement

Hang on as Rob “Ice” Ffield takes your audience on an “edge of your seat” journey where you will experience the behind-the-scenes action that makes TOPGUN and the Blue Angels the world’s recognized best at what they do. These riveting and impactful presentations give you easy-to-use tools to take home and use right away:

Building a Culture to Win: 60 Minute Keynote Address

Gain an understanding of how TOPGUN and the Blue Angels have developed successful cultures that survive extreme change, regardless of the environment or threat.

  • Get an insider’s view of the secrets to sustaining the highest levels of performance from TOPGUN and the Blue Angels.
  • Learn how to adopt these tactics into your organization to develop your winning culture!

One Half Day Seminar: Creating a Culture of Relentless Innovation

Innovate to Win: Unleash the Power of Continuous Improvement
  • This workshop guides you through how to develop an internal innovation framework plan for your organization.
  • Receive real world examples of how top performing organizations have built cultures of innovation and then radically improved from last to first.
  • Learn from how your team can easily implement the proven methodologies that lead to relentless innovation and how to make those improvements stick.
Expanding the Frontier of Human Achievement
  • Gain a true understanding of what drives human achievement – and how to capture that for business success.
  • Learn how to move your team from average to outstanding while inspiring them to want to do more.
  • Receive proven methodologies that you can use to empower your team to achieve more than they believe is possible.