Leadership Training & Workshops

Cultivating Performace

Put your leadership team through an edge-of-the-seat journey designed to test their will & accelerate their individual and team performance. Mastering CATSHOT Group’s proven methods will enhance your organization’s total performance.

CATSHOT’s Leadership Training Continuum is a step-by-step process to help you achieve Extreme Performance.

Keynote on one of four introductory topics, including: Building a Culture to Win, Expanding the Frontier of Human Achievement, Ignite the Desire to Win, and Innovate to Win.

Seminar sessions on core Performance Culture topics, including: Building a Culture to Win, HMO, RIO, HRO, and Building a Personal Culture to Win.

Performance Leadership Culture Workshops: These sessions are intended to be highly engaging and interactive training methods borne out of TOPGUN and Blue Angels training modules.

TOP Blue Training Courses: Leadership and Experiential training courses for small teams offered as an on-site event for companies and organizations looking to take the next step in performance culture building.

Offsite Training: “Peak Performance” Ready Room

We’re now proud to offer the same world-class, immersive and experiential training at our off-site location in New Jersey. The Peak Performance Ready Room is ideal for:

This program is customizable to your needs, from a half-day up to three (3) days of intense, hands-on training that will forever change how you and your team approach business and life. You will team up with our decorated former TOPGUN instructors, Blue Angel airshow pilots, and Navy SEALs to put theory into practice.

This immersive training experience is the only kind in the world that allows you to incorporate a “bucket list” of high-performance land, sea, and air experiences of your choosing.