Organizational Consulting

Building a Culture of Excellence

Successful teams know that a powerful and empowering culture of excellence is the clearest path to organizational success.  CATSHOT’s proven culture-transformation methodologies allow you to skip years of trial and error and begin elevating performance on day one.

How You Will Benefit

We provide organizational performance and personal leadership evaluations to assess how your team measures up against the world’s most consistent top performers.

  • Assessment and Evaluation through the lenses of the three key characteristics of organizations who exemplify Extreme Performance.
  • Cultivate the ability for your organization to influence and expand your business through an effects-based strategic communication and execution plan. Your organization will stay one step ahead of the competition
  • An actionable flight plan customized to achieve your performance goals.
High Reliability Organizations (HROs)

HROs are organizations that operate in complex, high-hazard domains for extended periods without serious accidents or catastrophic failures. The concept of high reliability is attractive for industries with complex operations in which the risk of significant, catastrophic consequences is higher when failures occur. 

High Reliability means more than effective standardization of processes. Mindfulness of changing circumstances is critical, as processes can become stagnant. Safety is prioritized over profit.

Relentlessly Innovative Organizations (RIOs)

RIOs look beyond simply innovating new products or services that competitors can easily imitate.

Relentless innovators instead embrace a new approach, pushing to innovate every aspect of a business, including customer relationships, talent development, and business processes; all in pursuit of a gaining an edge in the marketplace.

Relentless innovation is a response to a problem, specifically that a “business as usual” culture stifles innovation.

When understood correctly, this recognition – that innovation is blocked by cultural issues and business as usual culture –is a powerful insight and a valuable methodology for achieving business success.

Highly Motivated Organizations (HMOs)

HMOs start by understanding that motivation and momentum are generated at the personal level. Highly motivated employees and business leaders drive the business forward.

HMOs motivate their employees on a consistent basis, which leads to increased productivity and allows your organization to achieve higher levels of output, eventually achieving extreme performance through both the individual and organizational levels.

The most successful organizations combine all three of these characteristics. We can help you reach this sweet spot.

What You Can Expect

Winning in a fast-paced environments requires effective planning, communication, and decisive action. Changing your organization through a proven strategy will ensure you stay ahead of the competition while improving market share. CATSHOT Group combines decades of military and industrial operational experience to develop successful customer acquisition solutions.

Below is our Levels of Engagement that you can choose from:

Level 1: Preparation

Understanding Your Culture & Processes

Are your business goals aligned with your processes?

Is your culture a reflection of the best operating practices and principles that you aspire to?

Our proven process will identify gaps between how your organization is currently operating to create a new “battle rhythm” and metrics for success needed for transformation.

Level 2: Education and Transformation

Your leadership team, with CATSHOT guidance, will select high performing, eager subject matter experts (SMEs) and train them on Center of Excellence  standards and principles—We are building your version of TOPGUN! 

Your team will develop the ability to Plan / Brief / Execute / Debrief extremely difficult tasks using the same tactics employed by High-Reliability Organizations.

Level 3: Deploy Your Center of Excellence

Empowering Trained Subject Matter Experts: Your SMEs will now begin training the rest of the team. Here is where standards & accountabilities are agreed upon set and continuous improvement and innovation processes are initiated. You are on your way to relentless innovation and extreme performance!


Coaching (As Needed): As the Center of Excellence is established and sustained, we will evaluate successes and failures, plan for improvements, and aim to execute further until the company culture has shifted to reflect the principles and values of the organization.