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Winning cultures are built around teams. And well-integrated, high-performing teams–those that “click”–never lose sight of the vision, the goals and objectives, and are largely self-sustaining. Why? Effective leadership. In my experience with TOPGUN and the Blue Angels, teams that “click” always have a leader, the “boss,”...


How do you transform your organizational culture into a world-class Olympic style culture? Watching world-class teams in action has inspired us all, and with the 2016 Olympics in full swing we will see some amazing accomplishments! Think back to a time when your favorite team was on the brink of conquering a truly great feat; it is exhilarating isn’t it? Most likely, your senses became heightened and your heart began to beat faster as you watched them efficiently execute the most challenging and even dangerous tasks. But what is actually happening here? One thing is for sure . . . performing at these high levels goes well beyond just being inspired to be great.  There is something more..